Marie-Louise has  created high quality exciting and innovative  dance and physical theatre and cross arts events. Her artistic vision is to marry avant garde and imaginative performance with forms of popular culture, generating accessible and inspiring performances and workshops for a wide audience. She also works extensively in Corporate entertaiment,  cabaret & street thetre.

Original and unique her choreography is theatrical mixing reality with fiction where the surreal and the ordinary meet, she weaves together metaphor and logic. She plays with nostalgia and genre to create magical and emotive work.

Marie-Louise has been exemplary in creating   collaborative projects, where the meeting points of different art forms including music, theatre, art, textiles and design have fully integrated to create a total experience for the audience.

She enjoys and likes to work to breif as a choreogrpaher director and performer, bringing her skills and creativity to an existing producing team or company.


Marie-Louise performances have been described as animated, charming, very funny, magical, Beutiful, Quirkey, and highly entertaining.


Costume design by Corinne Hockley


photo henry arden

Artisic Vision